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Why I am Popping that Champagne

Why I am popping that champagne! First, the LibDems have increased their seats and diversity although we have lost some incredible people including Nick Clegg.

Apart from Labour sweeping most of the vote in Hammersmih, I was the only other candidate to increase their vote. The Conservatives, Greens and UKIP all diminished theirs.

I was gladdened and humbled when standing leafleting outside Hammersmith Station, many people walked up to me and said, “Joyce I am so sorry I will not be voting for you as I can not risk Theresa May winning, so will vote Labour although I would have voted for you.” I understood what was at stake.

The system works against small parties, but our Liberal Values have won! The Labour candidate in Hammersmith was practically running on the LibDem manifesto, the hard Brexit agenda is now totally undermined, talk of grammar schools now in the long grass, austerity and cut, cut, cut totally undermined, and most importantly for me, there is now less threat of watering down of the Human Rights Act. The LibDems may not get the credit, they never do, but we do greatly influence the agenda to lessen extremism.

Also I am so happy to have represented women and ethnic minorities on the podium in Hammersmith. I was never going to overturn the large Labour majority, especially with the total lack of resources, but I was batting for something bigger than a post, the advancement of the values that I hold dear. I hope that every girl, and every ethnic minority child that I met will imagine themselves on the podium in the future. Leadership can have a different face, We are not quite there yet, but we are making progress.