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It’s worse than you thought!

Reading the news this morning made me angry all over again over what the Tories have up their sleeves. It’s even worse than I had thought!

Looking at a Bloomberg article where they have analysed the 60 most winnable Tory seats, it seems that Hard Brexiters are dominant, occuying three quarters of in these seats.  The outcome of this would strengthen the Nigel Farage wing of the party and give Teresa May greater power to pursue a very Hard Brexit focused on curbing immigration and repealing European Legislation instead of  promoting trade and economic growth.

“The overall balance of Parliament looks like it will lean toward the harder side of Brexit than had May not called the election, ” Bloomberg quoted  Mujtaba Rahman, managing director at the Eurasia Group as saying.

UK inflation figures out today, which were the highest since 2013, shows how Brexit is already hitting pocketbooks even before the negotiations begin!

But people do not have to accept a mean spirited Teresa May’s and Nigel Farage’s bad Brexit that will result in fewer jobs, higher prices and less money for public services.   That’s why the Liberal Democrats and myself here in Hammersmith want you to have your choice over your future.  We want you to have your say  on the Brexit deal in a referendum, and if you don’t like the deal you should be able to reject it and choose to remain in Europe.

There is hope! You can change of direction of the country on June 8!