The hard Brexit that Teresa May is promoting would have a huge knock-on effect on our NHS, Schools and Economy.
This will have a devastating impact on the UK as a whole and Hammersmith in particular.

With the Conservatives and Labour voting to trigger Article 50, only the Liberal Democrats are committed to representing the 70 percent of people in Hammersmith who voted Remain.  Even though Mr Slaughter voted against Article 50, that was a vote against his own party and he stands alone.  I am the only parliamentary candidate in Hammersmith who will put up a credible fight against the squeeze from a hard Brexit that will hit everyone in Hammersmith.

As your Liberal Democrat MP for Hammersmith, I would have the backing of the only party that has consistently championed Britain’s membership of the European Union. I believe that Britain’s and Hammersmith’s best chance to succeed is within the EU.

While we respect the outcome of the referendum held in June 2016, we believe that Britain is a more prosperous country when we are part of the world’s largest economy, working in partnership with our closest neighbours and allies to tackle the biggest challenges.

Like 70 percent of Hammersmith residents, Liberal Democrats support our future in Europe.

I am fighting a Hard Brexit –
– to protect EU citizens’ right to remain and protect London’s status as the world’s financial capital on which so many local jobs depend.
– to ensure our NHS has the funds and staff it needs for our health and well-being and that the future of Charing Cross Hospital is guaranteed.
– to ensure that all local residents have a vote on the final deal, including a vote to Remain.
– to protect our economy from the negative impact of a Hard Brexit so we have enough taxes for our schools to get the increase in funding they so desperately need  instead of the proposed cuts and burdens imposed by Teresa May’s government.
– to give the people of Hammersmith and the British people a say on the final deal of Brexit.