About Joyce

I came to London 25 years ago and did a Master’s degree at UCL in Urban Development Planning. I fell in love with this city, its energy, diversity, creativity and made it my home.

I was born in Limuru in the beautiful Kenya highlands, all rolling hills of green tea and coffee bushes. Even though materially there was not a lot, and from the outside it may have seemed like a hard life, I had a very happy and free childhood and I never felt like I lacked for anything. I was raised by strong, confident women for whom the word impossible did not exist.

I’ve been a social justice and human rights activist from an early age. I was brought up by environmental and social activists who got stuck into their community to solve problems and make life better for everyone. They were ordinary people who made me see that we all can make a difference. We can only achieve so much if the underlying structures in society work only for a few and against the majority of the people. I want to challenge the status quo and level the playing field towards fairness and equality.

At university, I read Politics and Economics and later did a Masters in Urban Development Planning at University College London. I have spent most of my career in the Charity and International Development sector standing up and fighting for the excluded and marginalized.

I’ve worked with big international development organisations such as Action Aid and Christian Aid as well as smaller charities such as Themba HIV Trust where I was a trustee and Family Friends, a charity that helps the most vulnerable and socially disadvantaged people here in Hammersmith.

I’ve lived and worked in France, The Netherlands, South Africa, Burundi, Kenya, and of course the UK, and will use all that I’ve taken from those places to better serve Hammersmith. I have an international outlook to life and find the hard Brexit rhetoric of being afraid of outsiders, the immigrants quite difficult to understand. I know it is a cliché, but I have found that there is a lot more than unites us to people in far away lands than divides us. Diversity is a strength which we must continue to celebrate here in Hammersmith.

Hammersmith is one of London’s most exciting constituencies. Businesses are pouring in here because we are close to central London and to Britain’s road and air network. And there is a real sense of community here, with local residents setting up campaigns and charities to help those in need and make Hammersmith a better place to live.