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Dear Voter,


Every vote for the Conservatives is a vote for the dementia tax, NHS cuts, sacked teachers and a bad Brexit deal. If you are a Conservative supporter but those things worry you, then switch like many are doing this year.  Vote instead for someone who will stand up for you and your family.

A vote for Labour is a vote for continuous infighting.  You don’t know whether you are voting for Corbyn or for someone who will undermine him. The country needs a strong opposition.

A vote for Joyce Onstad in Hammersmith, is a vote for a better deal on Europe. Every Liberal Democrat MP elected tomorrow will stand up for your schools and hospitals. And every Liberal Democrat MP elected tomorrow will stand up to Theresa May on the dementia tax and everything else. Stand up and make your vote count for Joyce Onstad and the Liberal Democrats.

There is a huge untapped body of people who are the new voiceless, the moderate voices of the progressive centre of Britain, who are angrier and more voiceless and more disregarded that at any time of our lives, only the Liberal Democrats are speaking up for these people.

Human rights

Theresa May is simply posturing about being tough on terror as she panics that her abysmal record is coming under scrutiny. As Vince Cable disclosed last night, in her years as Home Secretary she was willing to offer up the police for cut after cut.

We have been here before – a kind of nuclear arms race in terror laws. It might give the appearance of action, but what the security services lack is not more power, but more resources, and responsibility for that lies squarely with Theresa May. All she would do is reduce our freedoms, not terrorism.

Extreme Brexit will burn a hole in your pocket

Prices are already rising and set to keep climbing because of Theresa May’s choice to pursue an extreme Brexit.  So many parts of our economy are unable to plan as a result of Theresa May’s self-destructive decision to leave the single market.  Industries up and down the country are already struggling to absorb cost increases due to the weaker pound – a direct consequence of the EU referendum.


Joyce Onstad